Hosting Features

Business class web hosting at affordable prices.

We offer free migration of your domains, email accounts and mySQL databases from your old host.

All our plans come with CloudFlare , at no cost to you! Speed up your website like never before when you host your domains with us.

All our plans utilize the popular control panel, cPanel. Don’t posses the knowledge to run an email server for your company? No problem. cPanel will make such tasks as easy as pressing the START button on your PC. Whether you are a seasoned techie or a beginner, cPanel will accommodate all your needs.

Hosting Plans

10 GB                                       100$
50 GB                                      150$
100 GB                                   300$
150 GB  up to 500 GB    Call

Seamless Account Upgrades
Need space to grow? We can upgrade your accounts on the fly. Zero downtime. Zero interruptions.

Our plans come with unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mySQL databases, unlimited mailing lists, unlimited FTP accounts and many more. The only thing that you are limited to, is the generous amount of disk space provided per account. We are unlike other hosts offering you ‘unlimited disk space’ with lots of caveats. Instead we give you a large amount of disk space up front and allow you to use them as you see fit.

All accounts are backed up  on a daily basis.


Server Security:

  • Iptables firewall (APF or CSF)
  • Brute force detection (BFD)
    Process Resource Monitor (PRM)
    Stop unnecessary processes
    Server Configuration check
    openSSH configuration check
    Rootkit Hunter
    Host spoof protection
    Operating system update configuration check
    Name server configuration check if required
    Disk check
    Kernel check
    Apache check
    Enhanced log rotation
    Additional backup rotation for local backups
    Additional backups
    Securing tmp directories
    Exploit check
    Upgrade vulnerable apps
    MRTG graphs