The successful realization of any project depends mainly upon continuous planning and careful management. The activities of designers, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and all their resources must be organized and tracked to meet the objectives and satisfaction of the client.

Beta is one of the companies that are specialized in the construction business. to 100 2225

The main policy of Beta is to provide satisfaction to her honorable clients.

This satisfaction is gained by many ways such as getting the best quality that can be obtained, in the appropriate time and with a reasonable cost.

Beta had run unique researches on the minimization of construction costs, that’s by using some contributory and additional materials in several phases which will not decrease the quality but, on the contrary, will decrease the cost of the project. These studies complies that the cost is decreased by a recordable percentage.bofk

Beta main career is making architectural and structural designs for all types of buildings, concrete, prefabricated, load bearing …etc. as well as preparing the drawings and working drawings for the projects, using the latest technology of specialized soft wares (the pre _ construction phase). Then comes the second phase (the construction phase), in which the company lays these designs and drawings on nature. The company has the sufficient experience as well as sufficient equipments, tools and skilled workmanship to assure that this part is done in the optimum way.